Key Takeaway:

  • High salt diet encourages body to produce fructose itself. There is a pathway in the liver which can be activated with excessive fructose. aldose reductase-fructokinase pathway. Once it is activated, even glucose can be converetd into fructose and wreck havec. source
  • It is found that people with hypertention also have a mild form of renal impairment. Originally, it was thought that maybe the uric acid crystals damaged the kidney in a microscopic manner, but it turns out not to be the case. They suspect that the soluable uric acid may played a role as some sort of signal molecule.
  • the relationship between uric acid and fructose. People think of Uric Acid as the breakdown product of DNA and RNA. Therefore people with gout are suggested to avoid DNA rich food (such as sadin, beam, beer with loads of yeast). However, there is actually another pathway for the production of uric acid. The body need to consume some ATP in order to break down glucose and fructose. For the glucose breakdown pathway, when ATP is striped into AMP, there would be a enzyme sensing ATM/AMP proportion, sort of feedback mechanism to keep the ATP level relatively stable. However, that is not the case for Fructose. When ATP is tripped into AMP in fructose metabolism, instead of AMP goes back to become ATP, it would go directly into the path to become Uric Acid. That is why sugar rich food also increase serium uric acid (seems that 3mmol/l is a good stat to aim for).
  • the mechanism that high salt food can increase fructose production is unknown. but he speculate that it might be our body’s way to preserve water. When there is high salt intake, we would feel thirsty, which is out body’s way of saying that there isn’t enough water. When fat is generated, it would store water, such that when it is breakdown, there would be metabolically generated water. Therefore, there seems to be a pathway, salt->thirsty->store engegy as fat as a way to store water->frucose production pathway->high uric acid production->impaired renal function->hypertention since the renal regulation function is impaired.


  • most processed food have fructose in them. They need to be avoid.
  • when the fructose production pathway is activated, even glucose would be converted directly into fructose. Try not to activate that pathway.
  • could monitor serum uric acid level.
  • when you feel thirsty, means your body has already started the fructose production process. Try keep yourself hydrated. Moderate salt intake.