the economics of money taught by Perry Mehrling is exceptionally good. Here is the link

lecture1 the four price of money

lecture2 the natural hierachy of money

lecture3 money and state: domestic

lecture4 money view: macro and micro

lecture5 central bank as clearning house

lecture6 federal funds, final settlement

lecture7 repos, postopening settlement

lecture8 eurodollars, parallel settlement

lecture9 the world that bagehot knew

lecture10 dealers and liquid security market

lecture11 banks and the market for liquidity

lecture12 lender/dealers of last resort

lecture13 key currencies

lecture14 money and states: international

lecture15 banks and global liquidity

lecture16 foreign exchange

lecture17 direct and indirect finance

lecture18 forward and futures

lecture19 interest rate swaps

lecture20 credit default swaps

lecture21 shadow banking

lecture22 three views

Richard Koo and his study of Japanese Balancesheet Recession