I just want to record here some nice speeches, of those who is capable of seeing the forest and invite their listeners to see both side of the story with them.

  • Obama’s 2008 speech about race after his Reverent’s angry remarks aired. He did not excuse what that man said, but he also points out that it was that’s man’s reality growing up in a segregated country where opportunity are systematically deprived based on race. But the mistake made by that person is that he think the world is static, hence failed to see the changes transpired between then and now, where a race of his own can run for the highest office.
  • Adam Silver’s remarks after a NBA manager supported HK. He acknowledges that there has been some fundamental differences, and he will not apologize for that manager or kowtow to the demand of Chinese government, yet he also see how the circumstances can be particularly difficult for his partners in China, since they are the people bury the brunt of fallout. Being able to the consequences and feel sorry for NBA partners in China is not inconsistent to the core value of free speech.
  • the manager of the most famous hospital in Nanjing who struck a deal with a local pharmaceutical company to build a satellite hospital. Critics think such a pharma funded hospital would ended up become nothing but a dispensary of drugs manufactured by that company. He need to argue, in front of all his critics and his colleagues, that it is a delicate balancing act. While it is true that most of the drugs dispensed in that hospital comes from the funding company, that can be atoned by the fact that easier to access expertise is extended to a population that is otherwise deprived of channel for healthcare.
  • Gilead CEO describe how he would balance the humanitarian need for dispensing Remdsivir in an affordable manner and the need for shareholder ROI. Clearly he recognize the balancing act and think the answer lies in the continuous innovation of the format of the drug takes.