I watched an interview of Cindy Crowford and was blown away by the unexpected wisdom coming from a model

She carry herself in such a way that fully took advantage of her physique yet never to the extend that you feel she is exploiding it. She is astonishingly beautiful yet that is not all who she is. When asked about her thoughts on beauty, she said there is no denial that there is something there, but she doesn't want her daughter to judge people by anything or feel that she has to deprive her self to get there.

She also shared her tips about things such as how to prevent your shirt of getting deoderant marks, and how those 3M double sided tapes can avoid wardrabe malfunction. Then when she was asked about what she has learned in life, she said doing things in 80% such as work out 80% of the time, eat well 80% of the time such that you don't have to feel guity when you have to enjoy food or being lazy. Also be present for the things you are doing at the moment. She derive her confidence from the fact that she knows how to do her job, she can delieve what people are looking for. I know that feeling, knowing you are good at what you do.

其实还有一个很有意思的观察,因为新冠,很多国家身居要为的专家出来表达他们的观点。我觉得每次听完这些专家的表达我都会有脊梁骨发凉的感觉。 他们基本上没有把人当人的,其实根本没有经历过自身的选择却自己为自己知道世界的全部。我特别反感的是高福。 他在整个疫情期间接受了几次采访,都是英文采访,因为有利于他的发展。而他从头到尾从来没有向我们系统地介绍情况,文人形象跃然纸上。