After a long lock down, I went for a walk along the lake yesterday. The afternoon sun coated everything with a warm orange. As the temperature get colder in the fall, that feeling of warmth is appreciated. The lake is decorated with beautiful flowers and after a prolonged renovation, the freshly grew grass are in tender green. The autum breeze pushed tiny waves around in the lake reflecting the sunshine like a Iranian mosaic mirror.

When I stood there and admired the scenary, it occurs to me that the sun is right above my head, so I took a selfy, thought that is the end of that. What I did not realized is how happy that makes me feel.

The pandamic and the lockdown makes everyone’s life miserable. Part of the world that you thought has been washed away by history suddenly resurfaced into to the center of our being. Depression, Suicides, Cultural-Revolution-esque control, the fact that those CCP people are the kings and queens of our society, the uncertainty of life itself. The list goes on and on.

Yet the warm afternoon sun seems to wash everything away, all is left is the beauty of life. Its like a black and white movie turns into a yellowish glow and masquing everything with beauty.

This is the first time I really begin to appreciate what does a beautiful scenary do to people. Living in crowded places for so long, I barely get the chance to experience things like this. Gush I wish I can be rich enough one day to live in a place like this.