The TWiV team answered my question on Sinovac Vaccine, which is a live inactivated vaccine with alumimum adjuvant. The problem with this vaccine is that it is granted emergency use authorization without efficacy data. Also aluminum adjuvant are usually added to the cohor of people who have weaker immune system such as the old.

Brazilian Authority halted the Sinovac clinical trial due to adverse effect

Here are the two Vaccine tracking sites mentioned by the TWiV team:

RAPS vaccine tracker

WHO Landscape Document

Here is the interview with Kizzmekia Corbett. She explained why the glycan masquing, a evision strategy used by the coronavirus makes inactivated virus solicit immune response that is less robust than would a mRNA vaccine. Also I really enjoy her answer when asked why she chose coronavirus as her field of study. She said that she felt it would be a nice niche. She is a very intelligent person, it shows in her decision making process and this kind of thinking pays divident when it comes to choosing a strategy for vaccine design. Well done Kizzmekia.