Let us suppose Aluminum is assiciated with AD as suggested by this paper, how can we evaluate his claim?

  1. what is the source of aluminum in Chinese live? turns out, it is mostly flours and northern food, as suggested by this paper

  2. since we know what is the source of alumnimum, what would be the consequences of this hypothesis? it would be more prevelant in places where flour is the main gradient. and that is exactly what I find out. Here is the paper. Conclusion: Varied pooled prevalence rates were present in different geographic regions in China (Table 3). The prevalence of AD was of the highest in Northwest China (4.36%, 95% CI = 2.59–6.13), and the lowest in South China (1.26%, 95% CI = 0.58–2.71). The prevalence of PD was of the highest in South China (3.25%, 95% CI = 2.45–4.15), and the lowest in Southwest China (0.34%, 95% CI = 0.18–0.51). Following standardization with the population of the respective regions, the overall pooled prevalence of AD and PD was 2.90% (95% CI = 2.84–2.96) and 1.20% (95% CI = 1.12–1.29), respectively (Table 3). Notice that in Xingjian, they almost eat exlusively flour.

  3. The above investigation seems to support the view that aluminum does contribute to AD. Can we investigate it further? if somehow we remove heavy metal from our system, would that help with the situation? That is also what we find out: 00:52:33 - The recent research out of Finland showing frequent sauna use was associated with a 65% reduction in Alzheimer’s disease and some of the research showing how induced sweating as a uniquely good method of eliminating certain metals like cobalt, cadmium, aluminum, and lead. Listen to this episode with Dr. Jari Laukkanen to learn more about the science of sauna use. here is the link

I think this is a fairly interesting exercise on reasoning. There are two technique used: first, if the hypothesis is true, what else must be true as well? second, if we intervene based on that hypothesis, what must be true?

  1. How is this related to vaccine? I find the best answer here