I have been quite obsessed with the Israeli Defence Force's Iron Dome project lately. This does show case the ingenuity of the jews. Initially they wanted to use the US Patriot system, which is designed to shoot down intercontinental missles and planes. But turns out it can't do the job on intercepting close range rocket, which are the kinds that Hamas make, therefore, they have to make their own.

Initially, people are skeptical, since the homemade rockets has a trajectory that is chaotic. But of course, the jews and their chutzpah. They just gave the idea of iron dome a try. Also, i particularly enjoy the part where the project lead just got the parts from a toy and jerry rigged it for their missle project.

At the core of Iron Dome, is its algorithms. I am pretty sure it is a closely guarded secret. But we can draw hints from the pictures. Apparently it did not head directly towards the targets, but rather it went about a longer route? why? maybe they are trying to avoid the iron dome tamir missles, and also the trajectory of the targets are nonlinear so that longer route would more time. You can see from the pictures that there is a clear "Fan Out" step amongst the intercepting tamir missles.

The entire project takes 3 years, which is quite incredible.

Iron Dome Documentary