History In The Making

recent events

There has been so many historical stuff happening this summer. The flood in Zhenzhou There are rumors that the excessive flooding is actually cause my mismanagement of the dams. Most of the death tolls are in a 4km long tunnel. Seems that there are a lot of mis-steps there as well. [Read More]
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Iron Dome

An Engineering Marvel

I have been quite obsessed with the Israeli Defence Force's Iron Dome project lately. This does show case the ingenuity of the jews. Initially they wanted to use the US Patriot system, which is designed to shoot down intercontinental missles and planes. But turns out it can't do the job on intercepting close range rocket, which are the kinds that Hamas make, therefore, they have to make their own. [Read More]
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Head Fake

What I have learned from Swim

Metabolism. A lot things is just manifestation of your metabolic system. Stress. If you stress your body for just the right amount, it would adapt. Not too much which would break things, not too little that it would be ineffective. Detachment. For perfect exercusion, you are out of the loop, just techniques. Forward Looking. Sometimes your exercusions aren’t perfect, but if you dwell on it, you are screwed. The only way is to look forward instead of backward. Pressure. There are lot of high stake situations. For normal people, the pressure alone is gonna break them. But there are group... [Read More]
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