Decision Making Under Uncertainty

How Really Decisions Are Made

Reinforcement Learning is more or less made on the premise that you know all the choices and there is a way to descern how good or bad that choice is. Even for a n step problem, so long you have a way to assess that distribution for every step, then you can recurssively build a strategy table by reasoning from the last step. [Read More]
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What I've Learned From the Covid19 Experience

People are looking for Messiahs to cave certainty out of a world that is inherently non-deterministic and stochastic. This desire manifests itself as an apostolic belief in omnipotence, which is exploited by the kings and high priests alike throughout history. The expert that would tell you definitively that wearing a mask is stupid, and COVID19 does not affect children (both are proven wrong as the thing evolves) Can you really judge things by what you see? Why there were, are, and will always be crook doctors? For instance, there were someone suggested injection of micro amount of phenol as a... [Read More]
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See The Forest

I just want to record here some nice speeches, of those who is capable of seeing the forest and invite their listeners to see both side of the story with them. [Read More]
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