The Power of the Afternoon Sun

After a long lock down, I went for a walk along the lake yesterday. The afternoon sun coated everything with a warm orange. As the temperature get colder in the fall, that feeling of warmth is appreciated. The lake is decorated with beautiful flowers and after a prolonged renovation, the freshly grew grass are in tender green. The autum breeze pushed tiny waves around in the lake reflecting the sunshine like a Iranian mosaic mirror. [Read More]
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Wisdom of Cindy Crowford

I watched an interview of Cindy Crowford and was blown away by the unexpected wisdom coming from a model She carry herself in such a way that fully took advantage of her physique yet never to the extend that you feel she is exploiding it. She is astonishingly beautiful yet that is not all who she is. When asked about her thoughts on beauty, she said there is no denial that there is something there, but she doesn't want her daughter to judge people by anything or feel that she has to deprive her self to get there. [Read More]
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I have been reading the profiles of the people admitted into top research universities such as Caltech, and they are truly impressive. Quite a lot of them have been filing for papers since the age of 18, and would maintain a top standing in their rankings. [Read More]
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